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Jordan Tierney3Qs with JORDAN TIERNEY

A native of Decatur, Ga., Jordan has been working in New York theatre since 2009, when he met and auditioned for 3V Co-Artistic Directors Aliza Shane and Jenn Tufaro. Since then, Jordan has worked with incredibly talented playwrights, actors and directors connected to the two gifted artists. It’s a homecoming experience working with the people who gave him his first job in the theatre, and he is thrilled to be working with 3V. Read more about Jordan at jordantierney.net.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
I don’t speak much about this but my background (that is to say Elementary through High school) is in musical theatre. Back home we had regional awards for the arts, sports and other things. I ended up being presented with a plaque for “vocal music”. Despite wanting to be a singer I was teased a great deal for my singing voice and dropped the whole thing. I soon found that my talents lay elsewhere.

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?
I enjoy the early exploration period of anything artistic endeavor. The idea stage is where I feel most comfortable. Being in a space where you can say, “let me try this” is what tricks me into thinking I’m playing around when in actuality I’m doing a great deal of work.

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?
One without any great responsibility! Probably to fly. I’d like that.