What is 3V Theatre?

3 Voices Theatre is a new, NYC-based theatre company. We are committed to organic theatre, new play evolution, creative collaboration and development of the Artistic Voice.


What are the “3 Voices” of 3V Theatre?

The three voices represent the three primary voices in creating a play: Playwright, Director and Actor. Each component is equally vital to the process and we believe that the best art is that which comes from the collaboration of all three voices. We also believe that an artist can have more than one voice, and we encourage using multiple voices – actors who have stories to write, playwrights who love to act, etc. – there’s room to explore all variations with 3V Theatre in a safe and supportive environment.


Who are the 3 Women behind 3V Theatre?

3V Theatre was founded by Aliza Shane (Founding Artist/Co-Artistic Director), Jenn Tufaro (Founding Artist/Co-Artistic Director), and Chanda Calentine (Founding Artist/Creative Consultant).

Aliza, Jenn and Chanda are no strangers to the NYC theatre scene. Their voices have been used as actors, directors, playwrights, choreographers, designers, stage/production managers and producers of various productions in NYC and across the United States and Europe. They are proud to have created 3V Theatre to collaborate with artists they love as well as help new artists unite and find their own voice.